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Desperately Seeking Yield: 20 April 2021

The recent rise in Treasury yields is on hold for the moment. So is the normally shifting sands of trailing yields for the various components of the major asset classes, based on a set of exchange traded funds. You can still find yield premiums in risk assets compared with government securities. But we’re now in a world of pondering the potential for higher inflation and higher interest rates, which further complicates the always precarious search for higher payouts.

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Macro Briefing: 20 April 2021

* China President Xi calls for fairer world order as tension with US rises
* US risks falling behind China on capitalizing on climate change, says Blinken
* Energy-related carbon emissions set to surge nearly 5% this year, predicts IEA
* Solving the global supply shortage of computer chips won’t be easy
* Wall Street sees central bank digital currencies as next big disruptive force
* If inflation rises, many investors are poorly prepared, says adviser
* US Dollar Index fell sharply on Monday, slumping to 2-1/2 month low: