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Will The Fed Keep Inflation Contained?

Inflation has surged recently, raising concern that the US economy faces its biggest threat to pricing stability since the 1970s. The counterargument: inflation is transitory and the recent runup in prices will fade as production bottlenecks linked to the economy’s reopening fade. Even if inflation turns out to be more persistent than some forecasters expect, the Federal Reserve will step in and nip the problem in the bud.

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Macro Briefing: 22 June 2021

* European Union launches antitrust probe into Google’s advertising unit
* Fading gov’t stimulus spending will bring a temporary economic headwind
* No policy change needed for US, at least for now, says NY Fed president
* Is inflation risk starting to recede?
* Bitcoin remains under pressure as China escalates crackdown on cryptocurrency
* Bridgewater’s Dalio: Fed rate hikes will have ‘big, negative effect’ on markets
* Chicago Fed Nat’l Activity confirms US economic growth accelerated in May: