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Macro Briefing: 30 June 2021

* Congress under renewed pressure to revise antitrust laws
* US infrastructure plan would boost growth and lower debt, predicts study
* Survey shows economists expect several US rates hikes by 2023
* UK economy fell more than expected in Q1, revised data show
* Eurozone inflation eased in June, ahead of expected rebound in summer
* China Mfg PMI slips to 50.9, indicating a modest pace of growth in June
* US Consumer Confidence rises to new peak in June following onset of pandemic
* US 1-year change in home prices accelerated further in April, above 2005 peak:

Estimating Fair Value For The 10-Year Treasury Yield, Part III

In recent weeks I’ve been building models that estimate a theoretical “fair value” for the world’s most important interest rate: the benchmark 10-year Treasury yield (see here and here). The goal: combine the results to develop a more robust estimate by using the average. As such, more models are better and so today I introduce a third approach to econometrically approximate the “correct” level of the 10-year rate.

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Macro Briefing: 29 June 2021

* Militias fire rockets at US troops in Syria after airstrikes
* Federal court dismisses antitrust case against Facebook
* Delta variant is spreading, raising risk of potential Covid-19 spikes in the fall
* US demand revival is driving world economic recovery
* Drought in US West will add to upside pressure on food prices
* Considering what could wrong for markets, the economy and more
* Is fragility the new normal for the US stock market?
* 10yr-3mo Treasury yield curve continues to show downside trending bias:

Macro Briefing: 28 June 2021

* US launches airstrikes on militia targets in Iraq and Syria
* White House and Senate negotiators try to keep infrastructure deal alive
* Fed official highlights risk of a bust after US housing boom
* Central banks start or plan withdrawal of emergency stimulus
* Heatwave scorches US Northwest states
* Biden seeks to shift economic narrative away from inflation to recovery
* US consumer sentiment revised down for June but still higher vs. May
* US consumer spending unchanged in May; incomes dropped for second month:

Book Bits: 26 June 2021

The Age of Fire Is Over: Why All Existing Forecasts on the Energy Transition Are Wrong
Vincent Petit
Summary via publisher (World Scientific)
The heart of the contemporary argument on climate change and energy transition focuses on how energy supply should be decarbonized to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. This book proposes an alternative approach. The Age of Fire is Over: A New Approach to the Energy Transition finds that energy transitions are not driven by supply-side driven transformations but rather by evolutions in demand patterns. Exploring the potential of recently emerged key technologies, The Age of Fire is Over argues that the so-called Energy Transition has not yet started. In the future, key technologies will significantly transform demand and provide services at a fraction of today’s cost or offer new services not yet imagined.

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